RubiksCraft is a mod for Minecraft 1.3.1 I wrote in Java by myself with different Rubik's Cube related features. The mod has two parts, a cube simulator and an automatic cube builder. The cube simulator supplies a GUI that the player can solve a Rubik's Cube. The cube builder automatically builds woolen Rubik's Cube structures.

Video Overview

Cube Simulator

Cube Simulator Recipe
To make a Cube Simulator simply surround a 3x3 cube (see Auto Cube Builder below) with 8 redstone dust.
Cube Sim GUI
This is the main GUI for the cube simulator. The top left contains the options button, scramble button, and the timer. During the solve the timer counts up, only showing seconds so as to not be as distracting. When the player finishes, the time is given to the millisecond. The center displays the cube state. In this picture it is solved with each face containing its own color. Finally, the stats are displayed in the bottom. The first line shows the total number of solves as well as the best and worst solve times. The second line gives the current and best average of 12 (5 if there are 5-11 solves). The third and fourth line displays respectively the current and best average of 5 along with their component times.
Cube Sim Options GUI
Here is the options screen for the cube simulator. The about screen gives version and administrative information. Controls gives the keyboard controls and is described in more details below. Save This Session saves the current session's times to a file and starts a new session. Delete This Session just starts a new session without saving. Open Times Folder will open your default file explorer pointing to where the times are saved. Create Stats File saves the stats located in the bottom panel of the main screen to a file. Lastly, Color Scheme lets you change which colors are used and is detailed below.
Cube Sim Controls GUI
The controls screen tells how to move the cube. Two keys are given for each move. The first makes a clockwise move and the second makes a counterclockwise move.
Cube Sim Color Scheme GUI
As this screen describes, first enter an RGB value for a color and then press the 1-6 keys to assign that color to a face. The buttons below the RGB textboxes will load preset colors. The default button resets the colors to the default color scheme which is currently shown.

Auto Cube Builder


Small Sticker Medium Sticker Big Sticker Bigger Sticker Biggest Sticker

The first step to making a cube is to make individual stickers. A small sticker is made with just 4 black wool and 1 white wool. This can be just in the next step but if you want a bigger cube, you need to make bigger stickers by adding more white wool.


2x2 Face Recipe 3x3 Face Recipe

Next, stickers can be combined to make faces. By putting 4 or 9 stickers in a square, a 2x2 or 3x3 face can be made. To make bigger faces, smaller faces can be combined in a similar fashion up to a 20x20 face. To make faces that are not divisible by 2 or 3 (5, 7, 11, 13, 17, or 19) put 2 sets of 2 sequential faces on opposite diagonals of a 2x2 square. For example, put a 2x2 face in the top left and bottom right, and put a 3x3 face in the top right and bottom left to make a 5x5 face.


Cube Recipe

Now we can make the cubes with 6 faces. A 1x1 cube can be made with stickers instead of faces which brings the available dimensions from 1x1 to 20x20. Additionally, there are 5 different sizes for each dimension according to what size sticker was used.

In-game reference images

3x3 Sizes Medium 10x10

Video Demonstration