My team's submission to a 12-hour Gamebuild-a-thon. The event was held by ACM Gamebuilders at UIUC, a group which I am a member of. During the event I worked in a team of three to build a 3D game in Unity following the theme of glory. I created the player progression system, audience animation, and the enemy design and AI.

Gameplay Demonstration

Game Overview

Screen Shot of the game

Glory is wave based survival game set in the Colosseum. The player is a gladiator fighting to achieve glory. Spear-carrying enemies charge forward in ever increasing waves to try to kill our gladiator. If the player completes a wave without getting hit, the audience will give rewards of upgraded health, power, and sword length. The game was developed in Unity featuring 3D graphics.

Game Mechanics Description


The player character's position is controlled through WASD of the arrow keys. Mouse movement controls the third person camera and left click swings the sword. The escape key exits the game.


The game employs two forms of animation. The first is accomplished by transforming an object directly through Unity. This is used to animate the swinging of the sword. The walking animation is made in Blender and imported into Unity.


If the player completes a wave without taking damage, the audience will give the player a reward. This reward increases the players health, power, and the length of the sword.


64 audience members are populated around the Colosseum. Each member jumps up and down in a sinusoidal fashion to imitate cheering.

Player Color

The player starts off solid blue. As they kill more enemies, the player gradually turns to red and achieves more glory.